Round 2 - Doki Doki 2013

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Round 2 - Doki Doki 2013

Postby Refia » Wed 31 Oct 2012 10:59 am

So guys and girls, next year is time for another round of Doki Doki!

So, I thought to get the ball rolling we could have a little reminisce about 2011, what we loved, and what we are hoping to see is improved upon! Obviously this seems geared towards people who attended the first con but feel free to share what you hope to see there if this is your first time!

I loved that there were a variety of traders, big and small, from steam punk to anime, and Japanese (the woman who did the paintings and names! My brother loves his!) to just plain kawaii! There was a nice variety of stuff! Also there was a good variety of demonstrations too! I can only complain that the artist to trader ratio was way off! And it would be nice to see more traders, especially say those that sell kimonos or sushi kits or even tea sets! (I know you can buy them from places like Argos but I reckon they would do well at this con, especially beside a tea ceremony talk or sushi making demonstration!) also I'm glad to know that the con organisers are looking into a second hall so it will be easier to hear talks!

So, what about you? What did you enjoy and what are you hoping is there next year? ^^
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Re: Round 2 - Doki Doki 2013

Postby Happosai » Wed 31 Oct 2012 2:17 pm

Good idea, Refia!

The second hall is booked, so we'll definitely have space for many more stalls and also be able to separate the more noisy stage acts from the quieter ones (although there's not much we can do about the background noise generated by hundreds of people in a large sports hall...!). We should also have larger PA systems so that talks, etc. can be heard easier.

Regarding the number of traders, now that we've got the first Doki Doki Festival under our belts and can demonstrate attendance numbers to potential stall holders, we are in a much better position to attract more of them, selling a diverse range of goods.

If there any any particular traders that you'd like to see at Doki Doki 2013, feel free to suggest to them that they contact us about participating in the festival, or let us know and we'll drop them a line (as long as they sell authentic/licenced goods -- we have a 'no fake goods' policy).

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