Introduce Yourself!

Talk about anything not related to the festival here (e.g. introduce yourself, chat about anime, manga, video games and other Japanese cultural things).

Introduce Yourself!

Postby Awesomeist » Tue 08 Feb 2011 7:27 pm

Well, I seem to be the first actual user who's active on here, so let's get this party started!

I'm Awesomeist! As for my real name, it's easy enough to find if you search hard enough. :P

I'm a Gamer, with a huge interest in Japanese culture. I've taken a GCSE in Japanese (which I got an A in), and visited Japan whilst studying. For anybody who hasn't yet, I seriously recommend doing so, as it's unlike anywhere else in the world!

As for gaming, that's the other part of my life: I play all consoles and try to avoid bias, but I guess I lean pretty heavily on playing on my 360, haha.

So yeah! Everyone else say hello! Can't wait to see you all in November!
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby Happosai » Wed 09 Feb 2011 3:46 pm

Welcome to the Doki Doki forum, Awesomeist!

I'm Happosai, real name Geoff. I'm one of the organisers of Doki Doki and have been a fan of anime and Japanese pop culture for 20+ years. but don't really speak the language and have yet to visit the country (one day...!).

I'm the founder of NanimeW, run a monthly Japanese film and music night and also do the films at the monthly Ultra-Kitty j-pop night. I've also been a part of MUJS since it was first set up.

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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby Misstawnii » Wed 09 Feb 2011 4:01 pm

Hey! I'm Misstawnii, real name Shauni. I am Awesomeist's girlfriend. :P

I am a HUGE figure collector; Good Smile is one of my favourite companies.
I am also a massive fan of Japanese culture, and I have an 'A' grade for Japanese GCSE!

I've been to Japan once, but I am saving up to visit again; kinda hard to save with so many pretty figures to buy! >:3

I am also debating cosplaying as Flonne (Disgaea) or Rebecca Miyamoto (Pani Poni Dash) for this event. Not sure yet though.
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby Sophira-lou » Fri 11 Feb 2011 11:06 am

HI i'm Sophira-lou
i'm one of the artists attending the con
i'm extremely excited as this is my first ever table at an event , so i hope i can drum up some support
i'm a huge fan of anime and manga and am going to japan in april so yay
currently studying animation and illustration in bolton and i want to be a mangaka eventually
hope to see you all in november :D
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby Sailor Cadia » Mon 14 Feb 2011 1:16 am

Hi, I'm Sailor Cadia! Female, 25 (will be 26 by DokiDoki) from Sunderland.

Looking forward to Doki Doki; what can I say about myself other than like many others I am a fan of anime and manga, I also like sci-fi, fantasy, reading, and the like. Fan of musicals and I have a taste for Opera though I've only been to a few. I tend to like shojo anime, especially magical girls, but I am also somewhat of a mecha fan - at least a bit. Doki Doki is on course to be my seventh event of this sort, having been to Aya '09, the first Nema, Ame '10, Auchi '10, and I've registered/bought tickets for Nema '11, Kita '11, Aya '11 and DokiDoki. I also might be going to LFCC this year too, but that's tentative.

I enjoy cosplaying but I am not yet 100% sure if I will at DokiDoki, I am considering it but it all depends on whether I plan to take the Monday after off or not for travel purposes! All in all I just can't wait to have fun! This will only be my second time in Manchester.
Sailor Cadia
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby Kira » Mon 28 Mar 2011 8:47 pm

Hiya, I'm Mia. I'm hoping to be able to come, aslong as I can find someone to drag along with me xD I might be cosplaying but I can't think of anyone to go as. :3 Seeya there, hopefully ^^
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby Soggy » Tue 10 May 2011 11:50 pm

Hi!, i'm Soggy (Real Name Will), 18, and i'm looking into coming to this event.

I'm from liverpool so it's an easy trip but i have to admit i've never been to anything like this before so i'm kinda worried about it ^^ I'll probably end up going on my own if i do go too.

Not into all that cosplay stuff though so i won't be doing it (sorry for being a spoil sport >.<)

I'm a big fan of manga rather than anime, it was anime that got me started but in the end manga took over :P I don't really have a preference in manga, i'll read anything as long

I'm into computers really. Be going to uni doing computer forensics which will be awesome!

Other hobbies would be writing (i write concepts and stuff and i've got an artist drawing the first chapter of one now), reading and football :) I can listen to most music but my favourite artists are probably Eminem, James Morrison and Paolo Nutini
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby vampgothd » Sun 22 May 2011 2:38 pm

Hello everyone, my name is Paul, I'm probaly getting a bit old for this sorta stuff (I still watch pokemon)
I love everthing Japan to make a long introduction short. Maybe a bit too much.
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby FrozenXx » Tue 24 May 2011 7:14 pm

Hey! My name's Hannah (13 XD) I really LOVE manga and anime and EVERYTHING about Japan (R.I.P all those who died in the Tsunami).

I've been wanting to go to everything to do with manga but my mother (B|) is not too good about these things lol. But my grandma (who is lovely) said she'd take me to this if I wanted to go, I really wanna go in Cosplay too (lol i think i'm obsessed) but my grandma doesn't so i'll go as a wierdo and my grandma can walk around like a boring person :)

Nice to meet you all

~Hannah xXx
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

Postby morganwolf » Sat 28 May 2011 4:11 pm

Hi my name is morgan

and i also love to play on console games but i don't have much consoles just ps2 , intendo wii and nintendo ds

well i'll tallk to u later

can't wait for novembre see ya there :)
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