oooh show us your swag

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oooh show us your swag

Postby Sophira-lou » Mon 14 Nov 2011 1:47 pm

so what did you guys gets at doki doki :D
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Re: oooh show us your swag

Postby Refia » Mon 14 Nov 2011 2:47 pm


So when I got home I just took a load of things out of my bag and spread them nicely on the floor! Starting from the top, left to right;, 5 postcards from one of the artists, the free pocky things in the goodie bag, a Ponyo keyring, the Doki Doki badge from the goodie bag, Squishy-Chan's adventure book, an A5 photo of Psyduck and a keyring of Pikachu from a lovely artist with the Companion Cube earrings, POCKY!, a Domo t-shirt (for my boyfriend but really it's for him for me to wear!), a Mario Star pin, my ticket, a fridge magnet of the psyduck from the companion cube lady, and then vouchers from the goodie bag!
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